30th September, 2015

Sunglasses for Air Racing Pilots

Bigatmo has had a great year supporting Air Race 1 in the formula one class of air racing, and our sunglasses are now worn by air racing pilots across the globe.

The three 2015 air race events are now behind us, taking place in Africa (Tunisia), Spain (Lleida) and America (Reno, Nevada), and some of the most talented yet down-to-earth pilots we know have since embraced Bigatmo with open arms.

Here’s just a few of our air racing pilot friends and ambassadors. Over the coming weeks, we will be hearing more from the pilots on their own air racing stories, ambitions and tips for realising your flying dreams.

Air Race 1 Reno Kent Cassells

Kent Cassells

Air Race 1 Pilot Stephen Partridge

Stephen Partridge-Hicks

Air Race 1 Des Hart Lleida 2105

Des Hart

Air Race 1 Reno Trevor Control Tower

Trevor Jarvis

Air Race 1 Reno Steve Temple

Steve Temple

Air Race 1 Reno Mike Mundell

Mike Mundell

Dave Holmgrem in Bigatmo?

Dave Holmgren






Bigatmo have been delighted to be the Official Eyewear Partner of Air Race 1 for the 2015 season. Many of the air racing pilots now wear Bigatmo sunglasses for pilots and will be sharing their stories over the coming weeks. 

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