20th March, 2013

Pilot Review – Iono’s

Review of the Iono’s with Zeolite lens

I had been after a pair of sunglasses particularly suitable for flying for a while. I tried a few well known brands and found whatever I tried there was always something that didn’t seem right. This was particularly true when it came to wearing them with headphones and on long flights and in varying light conditions. The lono’s I got from Bigatmo however have not disappointed. They are high end spec and you feel the difference from the first time you wear them. Flew from Wellesbourne to the Isle of Man and they are quite simply superb. Good customer care!

Antony Smith

Glasses: Iono eye shape, in graphite coloured titanium frame with Zeolite lenses

Model number:  0525         Price:  £169.00 BUY NOW