5th December, 2012

Feedback on the Tropo’s

Customer review of Bigatmo sunglasses

“I’ve had my Bigatmo sunglasses for 6 months now, and can say beyond doubt that they are by far the best sunglasses that I’ve ever owned! The build quality, fit, light weight and look are all fantastic and get admiring comments from everyone who sees them, but for me their most amazing feature is their vision quality. Whatever the light conditions, they deliver a fantastic view….so much so that I often prefer to wear them even when I don’t need any sunglasses on at all! I’ve always seen my previous sunglasses as an accessory, but I very much see my Bigatmo sunglasses as a key part of my daily wardrobe.”

Colin Williams
Chief Operating Officer, PharmiWeb Solutions

Glasses: Tropo eye shape, in a  graphite coloured titanium frame with Alutra lenses and a light gold finish

Model number:  0099         Price:  £189.00 BUY NOW