19th October, 2012

Nose pads

Are nose pads sexy?

No. Of course not. But we are trying to make them a bit more attractive.

Our nose pads holy grail is to produce a pad that you don’t notice, won’t get caught in your hair and won’t come out.

The current nose pads are very comfortable and we haven’t heard of any getting stuck and tangled in hair.  But they do occasionally pop out. The truth is that different people have different experiences; some people don’t lose any and some lose masses.

Having issues with your nose pads?

We have 3 solutions for you

1.  Replacement nose pads

For the time being, treat our nose pads like consumable items. If you lose or misplace them, go to our store and order some more for free. We’ll only charge for postage and packing.

2.  Buy our new “stable” silicone nose pads

Manufactured using a “two shot process” which in this case means that silicone is injected over a polycarbonate core – so that they won’t pull out. Still very light weight and comfortable – just with a more stable fit.  These are available to purchase on line from our store.

We recommend you take these to your opticians to get them fitted correctly so you do not damage the frames, lens or nose pad arm.

3.  Evolution in progress

Our Director of Design is currently working on the best solution for all our customers, with comfort, feel and stability being our top priorities.  We are working with the most influential nose pads manufacturing company in the world to find the right solution.  This is an evolutionary process and each design takes time to develop and test before it can be brought into production.  We’re evolving but we won’t leave anyone behind.


If you have any issues or problems with your nose pads, please contact us

Email : [email protected]


call our customer service desk on +44 (0)1622 844030