2nd April, 2013

How to … Adjust the fit of your Bigatmos

Adjusting the fit of your Bigatmos.

Bigatmo sunglasses are designed to be held in place by the ear-tips applying just the right amount of pressure against your head. Psychologically we need to feel more pressure than is absolutely necessary for the glasses to stay in place and this gives us the confidence to do more sporty things in the knowledge that they won’t slip or fall off.

The parts that hold the ear-tips to the front of your sunglasses are called various things – sides, temples or arms and so here we’ll just call them arms.

The arms of all Bigatmo sunglasses are made from beta titanium which is, essentially, springy titanium. When the arms are folded they are designed so that the tips are clear of the lenses and when you put them on the pressure on your head should be comfortable.

Over a period of time they will mould themselves to your head shape much the same way a good pair of leather shoes will take on your foot shape.

If you are finding the frame too tight, you can make your own adjustments – here’s a short illustrated guide;

Before you start – ensure that your sunglasses are sitting correctly on your nose – make any adjustments gently to the nose-pad arms.


1.  Locate the weld joint where the arm joins the milled “torpedo” hinge section

Bigatmo Temple Arms 1

2.  Support the weld joint with thumb and fingers (it is important not to stress this joint)

Bigatmo Temple Arms 2

3.  Apply gentle pressure further along the arm (remember a small bend here is greater at the tip). Obviously, beta-titanium’s springy properties make it difficult to know just how much it has been eased so keep trying your sunglasses on to check the fit

Adjust Temple Arms 3


When you’re finished your Bigatmo’s should be snug, secure and comfortable…

I hope this is helpful and please contact us if you have any issues.


The Bigatmo Team