10th May, 2013

How to … Change your nose pads

From silicon to new the more stable silicon with polycarbonate core nose pads

To fit the new polycarbonate core nose pads you will need a really tiny flat head screw driver (or knife blade) to gently open the hole in the pad arm and then use a bigger flat head screw driver to open it enough to allow the new nose pad to slot in. Then use a pair of small long nose pliers to very gently close the slot up again.

The pad arm titanium is very soft and you will find that you will only need very gentle force to make the adjustments.

We recommend you protect the sunglasses by wrapping tape around the jaws of the pliers (or using heat shrink insulation) so they don’t mark the pad arm and use a polishing cloth to protect the lenses.

1 – The new silicon-polycarbonate core nose pads

1 - New Silicon-Polycarbonate Core Nose Pads


2 – Protect the lens, then use a flat head screwdriver to widen the gap in the nose pad arm;

2 - Screwdriver in the nose pad slot  3 - Open nose pad arm

3 –  Slot the new nose pad into place and then close the gap using protected long nose pliers

P1010482  4 - Securing the nose pad in place

Repeat the process for the other nose pad arm.