Bigatmo Frames

All Bigatmo frames represents an organic evolution of ideas that blend natural, free flowing forms with high attention to technical detail.

Bigatmo’s design team combine free thought sketches with advanced 3D computer modelling to develop and test virtually everything from the fit and look to the mechanical function. Every aspect is painstakingly crafted to accentuate, balance and complement the overall look and form.

The result is five unique designs – Tropo, Strato, ExoMeso and Iono – which encapsulate the idea that less, is sometimes more.

Titanium frames

Pure titanium is used in the rims and all parts of the frame where rigidity is important. It’s ultra lightweight, very strong, extremely workable, corrosion resistant, hypo-allergenic and has a beautiful natural finish. Beta-titanium, a titanium alloy, is used primarily for the temples of our frames. Its spring properties apply just enough pressure against the side of the head to keep the frames securely in place. Every Bigatmo frame is hand polished and hand finished, allowing minuscule differences between them and so making each one unique.


Nose pads

Bigatmo nose pads are neat and fully adjustable for a customised personal fit. They’re less likely to snag hair than conventional adjustable designs.

Bigatmo sunglasses_0000_009

Temples and eartips

Our temples and eartips are slim and ergonomically shaped to fit the head, which is extremely important for comfort when wearing a headset or helmet for extended periods of time. Made from Beta-Titanium, they’re tensioned to provide a comfortable and secure fit. The inside of the tips are coated with a special epoxy finish.

Image of a temple next to a pencil on a ruler,showing thickness of temple at 2mm.


Bigatmo hinges are designed for smooth operation, incorporating stops to prevent the eartips damaging the lenses. When the temples are fully open the frame front is set in the correct orientation across the face whilst the sunglasses are being held securely in place by the springy beta-titanium temples. This means that they’ll stay in place and won’t slip down your nose.

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