Alutra Photochromic (Copper/ Brown) lens

As our test pilots or drivers would testify, Bigatmo’s Alutra Copper P20 Photochromic lenses used in our sunglasses have been optimised for high contrast environments.

Lens demo: See the world through Bigatmo Alutra lenses

Unlike conventional sunglasses which simply darken your immediate surroundings, the optimised tint of the Alutra Photochromic allows enough light to pass through so that you can easily read your instruments – even inside a dark cockpit or on a shady car dashboard.

Bigatmo Alutra photochromic lens for high contrast environments

Bigatmo Alutra Photochromic lenses are perfect for high contrast situations

However, as soon as you step outside into bright sunlight, Bigatmo Alutra Photochromic lenses instantly react to the increase in UV light. Whereas the tint of the lens remains lighter in the shade or when behind a windscreen, it becomes much darker when exposed to direct sunlight.

Following thousands of hours of real time testing and development, Bigatmo Alutra Photochromic lenses have evolved into something quite unique: a high speed lens that reacts so rapidly to changing light conditions that they’re amongst the fastest on the market. This allows your eyes to feel permanently relaxed, and as the photochromic material is integrated into the core of the NXT® lens, it can’t wear off.

Bigatmo Altutra Photochromic lenses are optimized for high contrast environments such as a cockpit or car.

Bigatmo Alutra photochromic lens activated in direct sunlight

The Bigatmo Alutra Photochromic lens activated in direct sunlight

Bigatmo Alutra Photochromic lens in shade

The Bigatmo Alutra Photochromic lens unactivated in shade

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Alutra lenses are available in five different eye shapes and a variety of different frame colours and mirror finishes. Click here to buy Bigatmo Alutra sunglasses online.

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