Zeolite HCNB (Grey) lens

Bigatmo Grey S14 Zeolite High Contrast Narrow Band (HCNB) lenses use advanced Light Management technology to make colours come alive.

Lens demo: See the world through Bigatmo Zeolite lenses

Our eyes detect colour using ‘cones’ on the retina. These cones detect red, green and blue in a similar way to how televisions generate colour. The idea behind High Contrast Narrow Band (HCNB) is to filter out the wavelengths between these three primary colours and so optimise the wavelengths that enter our eyes. In fact, our eyes are most sensitive to wavelengths in the green spectrum, and wavelengths in the blue range cause visual clutter, loss of contrast and eye fatigue.

HCNB technology allows the eyes to receive more specific colour information which increases the sharpness and clarity of the image whilst reducing fatigue.

Chromatic response of the eye

Normal Chromatic response of the eye: Eye sensitivity curves have wide overlapping areas between chromatic receptors, making it difficult to rapidly define chromatic contrast

Bigatmo chromatic response of the eye

Bigatmo Chromatic response: Our NXT® High Contrast Narrow Band lenses reduce the overlapping areas, improving chromatic contrast and reaction time



Video demo

The video shows how our High Contrast Narrow Band lenses enhance true colour perception:


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Zeolite lenses are available in five different eye shapes and a variety of frame colours and mirror finishes. Click here to buy Bigatmo Zeolite sunglasses online.

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