Zeolite Polarized HCNB (Grey) lens

Bigatmo Zeolite Grey J7 Polarized HCNB lenses help to prevent eye fatigue by reducing glare from any surface, but especially glare from snow, sea and sand.

Lens demo: See the world through Bigatmo Zeolite Polarized lenses

Bigatmo sunglasses-Polarized-lens

The key to Bigatmo’s Zeolite Polarized lenses is the filter placed inside the lens. This filter, which can be likened to a tiny venetian blind, allows light to pass through the lens in the horizontal plane but not the vertical: light that has bounced off a reflective surface, such as water or snow, is filtered out, dramatically reducing glare.

Eye comfort is greatly enhanced while ‘clutter‘ reaching the eye is reduced, improving the contrast and definition of the image.

Bigatmo Zeolite Polarized lenses also benefit from our High Contrast Narrow Band technology (HCNB), which uses advanced Light Management technology to make colours come alive.

How are Bigatmo Zeolite Polarized lenses different?

Zeolite Polarized lenses are excellent for snow, sea and sand, but standard polarized lenses do have their limitations. It is possible to lose information that we normally process subconsciously; drivers and cyclists, for example, might not be able to see a contaminated road surface. Sports players might lose valuable information that could affect their performance, such as the way the light plays on grass or water which indicates wind speed and strength.

Bigatmo Zeolite Polarized lenses, on the other hand, are optimised to allow the wearer to absorb this valuable information whilst enjoying the benefits of polarization. They help to improve decision making and reduce reaction time, and ensure that you don’t lose vital visual information such as the sheen from this wet road surface and sea surface:

Bigatmo Zeolite Polarized lenses make it easy to spot this wet road surface

Bigatmo Zeolite Polarized lenses make it easy to spot this wet road surface

Jelly fish with and without and with Bigatmo Polarized lenses

Bigatmo Zeolite Polarized lenses reduce glare from reflective surfaces – making it easier to see these jellyfish lurking below











Buy Zeolite Polarized sunglasses online

Our Zeolite Polarized lenses are available in five different eye shapes and a variety of frame colours and mirror finishes. Click here to buy Bigatmo Zeolite Polarized sunglasses online.

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