4th November, 2016

Latest Bigatmo Customer Testimonials

The following Bigatmo customer testimonials may help you to get a feel for our commitment to customer satisfaction. Many of our customers are pilots but by no means all. Here are some testimonials from customers who are wearing Bigatmo for a variety of reasons in challenging environments including driving, sports, fishing and indeed for general outdoor use.
Here are some customers keen to share their story about why they like Bigatmo. Including their thoughts about our lenses and frames and the general performance of the sunglasses. What will you be doing when you wear yours?

David Carter

“I like the look, but also great lens for the Autumn light. I commute east in the morning and west in the evening, so always facing the low sun. These help a lot!”

Wearing Bigatmo Strato RX Sunglasses

David wears Bigatmo Strato RX Sunglasses with a Natural Titanium frame using Alutra Photochromic Lenses with a gold mirror finish.


Tamas Racz

“Thank you for my Bigatmo sunglasses! I have been (and continue to be) a very happy user and so these are my second pair. Your prompt and helpful reply goes to show that Bigatmo doesn’t only offer great sunglasses but equally great post-purchase support! A sure way to be the #1 brand in the business…without a doubt I’ll continue to use and promote the brand!”

Derek Yates

“Thank you for the great service. Used my new Bigatmo’s today flying and they were great!”

UK Customer

“I heard about Bigatmo through my son, ordered a pair of EXO sunglasses for him a couple of years ago – he’s a helicopter pilot. I wore them while driving into a low sun last month and found the clearer vision was amazing so decided to get my own pair.”

Paul Simpson

“The shades are fantastic. Loving them. Once I’d tried them on it was a done deal. Good luck with the business!”

Jerome Boulanger

“Belgium was not very sunny today but I am already amazed by the quality of the Bigatmo’s… I look forward to flying with them”

James Frazer

Thanks for your help and for the fantastic sunglasses. I wish you and your colleagues the very best for your business – with such great products and customer service you indeed deserve to succeed.
I’ve been able to use the sunglasses for flying, driving, and out and about and I can honestly say they are the best pair of sunglasses I have owned. I really like the styling, fit and comfort, but above all the clarity and the way they enable my eyes to relax while flying is quite incredible. Far, far better than any Oakley, Ray Ban or Silhouette sunglasses I have owned in the past. I would recommend them without hesitation to colleagues and friends.

See the full range of Bigatmo Tropo sunglasses here.

James Parry

“Worn my Meso’s for the past two days flying, simply superb! The clarity of the lenses in comparison to my old Ray Bans is astonishing!”

Giovanni Maria Savaresi

“Today I received the sunglasses. They are fantastic and perfect.
My congratulations for the excellent product, I tried them in flight and are great.”

Mark Jones

“As any wearer of varifocals will testify, their effectiveness depends upon a fusion of accurate prescription, precise measurement and flawless manufacture.  Ordering such an item from a website requires a belief in the company, the staff and the product and Bigatmo have excelled on all counts.
When my varifocal Meso’s arrived they were a total success and I am absolutely delighted with them.  The lenses are crystal clear and distortion-free even at the curvature.  Peripheral vision is greatly improved, and they are a joy to use both inside and outside the cockpit.
I could not be more satisfied.  Very many thanks indeed!”

Find out more about Bigatmo RX Prescription lenses here.

Antony Smith, UK

“I had been after a pair of sunglasses particularly suitable for flying for a while. I tried a few well-known brands and found whatever I tried there was always something that didn’t seem right. This was particularly true when it came to wearing them with headphones and on long flights and in varying light conditions. The lono’s I got from Bigatmo however have not disappointed. They are high end spec but feel it from the first time you wear them. Flew from Wellesbourne to the Isle of Man and they are quite simply superb. Good customer care!”

Wearing Bigatmo Iono Sunglasses

Anthony wears Bigatmo Iono sunglasses.See the Iono range here.


Emma, UK

“Dear Bigatmo,
I” have been a Bigatmo sunglass owner for over three years now. I am delighted with them and I am proud to say I have not lost them in all that time. I have become increasingly aware that as I have become older how affected I am by light. Particularly reflective light but also other lights, strip lights, torch light, candle light, spot lights.
My symptoms are glaringly obvious now with hindsight but at the time no-one recognised what was the cause of my symptoms. I’d been to the opticians several times in ten years to be tested however each time they could find no fault with my eyes. It was rare for me not to have a headache, I had suffered with frequent migraines and intermittent stomach migraines since I was a child. The longer and brighter the sunlight the more extreme the symptoms became. Relief came on dull grey days and I began to dislike long periods of glorious weather. I’d be irritable and quick to anger, less likely to be forgiving of other peoples mistakes especially when on the road. Become unreasonably exhausted after a couple of hours driving, I used to get tension in my neck and jaw. I sometimes clenched my teeth together so hard and for great lengths of time that I eventually damaged them! At its extreme, I became hyper sensitive to taste, touch, smell and hearing.
Before stumbling across your Sunglasses I was a person that rarely wore sunglasses for any length of time, let alone knew much about them. I had no idea that I had found the elite, top of the range advance jobbywhatnot lenses! I would often buy sunglasses in multiples of two, different shapes and styles, some from the cheap end of the market some from the more expensive end. The lens colours would be subtly different. I found that with the majority I would discard them within a week as they were just not right. Or I’d be wearing two pairs at the same time to get the correct lens shade. The lenses were either too dark or pale or the wrong tint, none of the frames fitted properly and were uncomfortable to wear for any length of time. If the lenses felt good I’d persevere with the frames. I’d add sticky tape and cardboard or similar to the arms to get them to stay on. So although I had many pairs of sunglasses, I had rarely worn any of them for more than a few hours a day.
It was a total revelation to find your product. I am now rarely without them and if I ever have the need to replace them I would. Instantly. They are so worth it. I would wear no other.
The first time I tried them on, it was mid March on a bright clear day with blue skies. The relief was instant, not only to my eyes but all of me. I knew there and then they were like no other that I had tried before. I bought then without hesitation. They stayed on my face all day and all evening. I took them off only to go to sleep. They went on again the next day and the next, dawn till dusk pretty much for the first 15 weeks. I felt
like some one had thrown me a life ring! They had – it was you!
18 months ago my daughter was screened at school for Irlems syndrome. I looked it up on the internet! I was tested. I wear my filters in poor light and my Bigatmo’s in brighter light conditions. I find the clarity of the Bigatmo lenses far superior to my filters.
Up until last weekend I had only seen a couple of people wearing Bigatm0. However, I met up with a few friends for a family camping experience last week and between us we had seven pairs of your amazing glasses. We couldn’t speak more highly of them. Some of us prefer the grey lenses and others the Alutra. All of us share the same feelings about our BigAtm0 Sunglasses, they are amazing and we wouldn’t be without them.
They are even great for tired, smoky, hungover eyes.
I have been meaning to write for three years and say thank you so much for developing something that truly does make a difference to me. Every day they enhance my life.
I have to say that I have had a few snags with my glasses along the way and I think I am now on pair number 3. I did say I was proud of myself for not losing them, but I have had a pair stolen and I recently crushed a pair when I forgot they were in my coat pocket. Actually to be totally honest I don’t think it’s that extravagant to have a new pair each year. (It’s about 70p a day.) Cheaper than parking a car for an hour in Ashford! My irlem filters require replacing every 6 months and they are about the same price if not more.
PS: How to ever thank you? Suddenly It dawned on me! Shortly after sunrise the morning after the night before, I stumbled across this scene and couldn’t resist grabbing my camera. It all made sense to me.
Some of our BigAtm0s hanging out together where they had been abandoned.”
Camping with Bigatmo sunglasses. Morning after the night before. Bigatmo's abandoned. until the sun comes up!

Morning after the night before. Bigatmo’s abandoned.

Owain Davies, UK

“I certainly feel my new Bigatmo glasses are lightweight and very comfortable even with a headset on.  The lenses allow for a clear definition while looking out of the cockpit and good colour definition while looking inward at the flight instruments.”

Peter McIntyre, UK

“I chartered a boat on Saturday from Poole and took some friends. We fished south of the isle of white various species were caught Bass, Mackerel, Plaice and Rays.
The glasses were very comfortable no need for a lanyard to stop them falling of my head into the sea. The polarised glasses gave good vision into the sea when netting the fish below water.
They offer a good protection to angler’s eyes from the reflection of the water. I do all sorts of angling sea fishing in the UK around the world, Coarse and fly fishing in the UK, these glasses would suite all these versions of angling.”
Peter wearing polarized Bigatmo sunglasses holding an enormous fish he has caught.

Bigatmo life fishing

Peter wears model 0174. Strato design, Gunmetal frame with Zeolite Polarized lens and Iridescent Blue Mirror Finish.

Scott Jeanes, New Zealand

“The sunglasses you sent have arrived, and they are awesome. Can’t wait to use them in the Yak-52 I fly.”

Neal McDonnell

“I think your website is excellent, very informative and well put together and was extremely easy to use.  The service you give is first class and was much appreciated.  You are obviously very enthusiastic about the product, know lots about the whole sunglass “thing”, and offered me outstanding guidance and information.  It was a far superior service to that I have tried to get in professional opticians, and is backed up by the fact that you both know and understand the environment in which I shall be using the glasses.  I’m not a big fan of buying sunglasses but this has been a very happy process, so thank you both very much.  I shall sing your praises far and wide”

Stuart Pink, private pilot, UK

Stuart says “I chose the bespoke Alutra lens for flying.  The sunglasses sharpen everything, taking any glare away. They react so fast to different light conditions, but you don’t know they are reacting.  I forget I am wearing the sunglasses, they are very comfortable.
Stuart a Bigatmo customer returns to visit us on stand at Sywell Aeroexpo

“They sharpen everything, and react so fast to different light” Stuart Pink, private pilot wears Bigatmo pilot sunglasses

“When buying the sunglasses online, it was very reassuring to have an enthusiastic and knowledgeable person at the end of the phone, giving me the confidence to make a purchase. There’s no going back now, Bigatmo are great as sunglasses for pilots, and I also wear them everywhere else too!”
Stuart wears Model 0150, Meso design, gunmetal frame and a light gold finish.

Adrian James, UK

“What can I say? The Bigatmo’s were absolutely fantastic on our skiing holiday, especially with the anti-fog gel. I skied all day, and never took the glasses off.  The polarisation was faultless and totally indispensable.  I had great confidence in having great vision throughout the day, with the knowledge that I was protecting my eyes from harmful UV, as well as knowing that my eyes would not be as tired at the end of the day. Adrian Skiing
I now keep my Bigatmo’s in the car for when they are required on sunny days, or when the sun is particularly low, and I need the anti-glare protecting provided by your polarising lenses.”
Adrian James wearing Bigatmo prescription polarized sunglasses on a skiing holiday

Adrian wears Meso RX Varifocals with a Natural Titanium Frame, grey polarized lenses with a blue mirror finish

Professional Pilot

“I was in need of getting myself a pair of prescription sunglasses. I’ve been working as an airline pilot for the past 24 years, most of them without a decent pair, so I decided to go searching for the best ones. I came across Bigatmo’s web page, and after a good research about them and some thorough reviews of other brands, I went for Bigatmo’s; the best decision ever.
I purchased a pair of prescription “gunmetal Tropo frame with Zeolite lens and iridescent blue mirror finish”. (Model 0051)
 The sunglasses are superb, really light weight. I wear them for almost seven hours straight during my flights without even noticing them. They don’t distort the colours in the cockpit instruments, while still giving you an excellent protection from the sunlight. The product is well finished in all aspects, and the best part of it, they make me look good when I’m wearing them.  Plus, their customer service is as good as the sunglasses itself, really friendly and diligent to accommodate any requirement you may have.
I highly recommend them; there will be no regrets”

Claire Townley, Restaurant Owner, UK

Claire Townley wears Bigatmo sunglasses

A monkey attempts to steal Claire’s Bigatmos.

“This is just to say a great big thank you for your fabulous glasses and what they mean to me. When I first bought them two yrs. ago I

already had a large collection of sunglasses all prices, fashions, styles and designers (the top branded ones too Chanel… Dior… Ray ban…Prada… Oakley …French connection… Police to name a few but over the course of time the ONLY ones I want to wear are yours!
Don’t take my word for it see for yourself I’ve flicked over my snapshots from my phone just to show you!
Incidentally if I accidentally forget them whilst rushing out even though there are several pairs in the car I will turn around and collect them for the day!
They’ve also stood up the test of time and wear and tear too as you’ll see from the photos they’re still looking good!
Methinks it’s time for a new pair but I don’t think I can wear two at once! Photos to follow…”

Claire wears Model 0235. Strato design, Brunello frame with Zeolite lens and Iridescent Blue Mirror Finish.


Steve Lord

“I used the sunglasses in earnest for the first time last month for my break in Malaga. Temperatures were mid to late 70+ all week, with glorious sunshine so therefore the BIGATMO sunglasses really came into their own I must say that they performed really well and would certainly recommend them to any persons who were considering buying a decent pair of sunglasses the quality was outstanding.”


Chris Brehm

”I had tried a number of Ray Bans and Oakley’s but they were all pretty much the same; i had to peer over them to see the text, particularly green and magenta.
I got the zeolite lenses, unmirrored, in a Strato graphite frame. They made a big big difference because they let in some narrow bands of the spectrum which I need to see.
They are also light; I don’t even think about the fact I’m wearing them anymore.   The arms are really slender, bayonet-type to fit under a headset, yet are more secure than any I’ve experienced due to their springiness.
The Strato shape is pretty cool; looks like Neo in the Matrix.
I’m really pleased to have sunglasses so tailored to my needs as a pilot.  The long search is over!”

Paul Simpson

”The shades are fantastic. Loving them. Once I’d tried them on it was a done deal. Good luck with the business :-)”


 Anusha Wheeler, USA

“Overcast here today! But the glasses work great even with low clouds at 1000 ft. I love flying with them.”

Anusha, a helicopter pilot wearing Bigatmo Tropo photochromic sunglasses standing next to her helicopter on the oil rigs




Anusha wearing Model 0020, Tropo design with a gunmetal frame.